It is through the inner work and healing ourselves that we are able to restore harmony and balance, within. By being in alignment, Ubuntu we are able to tap into the true laws of nature and creation so we can flow with these natural currents of life. Trauma and loss in our lives leave a toxic residue behind. The toxic sludge that resides within us does not allow us to vibrate at our purest frequency and therefore suffering and pain is born. When a human being completes her healing process, you return to your original purity again. If we are in balance, then we are in rhythm with the natural flow of things. Life then requires much less effort to accomplish so much more.

As a healer and spiritual life coach, I work with clients to help them transform their pain, fear and suffering into their gift and power. I give you the tools to embody the awareness to work through your wounds to reach your highest potential. To heal into a new you and awaken to a new reality that promotes balance, harmony and prosperity. Awakening you to your freedom.

Tsholofelo Monare is an Spiritual healer and Life Coach who has over the years received multiple training and instructions through various Master Shaman Healers and Teachers from various traditions.
Having her roots in African Spirituality, Tibetan Buddhism and Andean Mysticism, Tsholofelo considers herself as an integrated healer that has a holistic approach to each individual she personally works with, using the alchemical power of nature, alchemical psychology and the great elements of spirit to bring divine healing and empowerment.

“We are all awakening, but sometimes we need support so that the journey is more easeful and graceful.”

Soul Psychology