Healing the 7 Bodies through the Avatars of light

"When your chakras are clear you are no longer stalked by death. You are claimed by life, and therefore you can never by claimed again by death. By being clear and aligned we will ultimately be reminded that we are connected with everything and everyone around us. If we are in balance, then we are in rhythm with the natural flow of things. Life then requires much less effort to accomplish so much more.”

Chakra healing is the process of restoring a harmonious flow of energy across the chakra system. The effect of well balanced chakras often translates into a feeling of well-being, relaxation, centered-ness, increased vitality and embodiment of oneself. The Etheric Body Healing helps you reclaim and energise the true essence of your spiritual nature, purity, exploration, life force, mental processes, inner strength, vitality and awareness.
Clearing density and dimensional locks and blockages, while aligning all mental emotional and physical bodies. I also primarily work on the heart to raise its vibration to the highest level possible.

Avatars of Light

In this 7 week journey we will be working with the Avatars of light to clear, align and heal the 7 bodies, also known as the 7 chakras, each chakra will be cleared of old toxins and memories so that it can be given a dimensional upgrade which can awaken our own inner knowledge and expand our consciousness to see and know things in remarkably new ways. Totem animals and Angelic beings are present to support the space and healing.

Benefits of healing

‧ Heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages ‧ Transform weaknesses into strengths

‧ Release of Non Supportive Patterns

‧ Increased Passion for Life

‧ Being more in the present moment

‧ More clarity and focused mind

‧ Stronger Connection Source

‧ Stronger alignment with your Soul

‧ Clear communication of your heart and mind ‧ Realization of your self worth

Each session is 60-90. mins


“I am forever grateful for the healing I received through Tsholofelo I have managed to release unhealthy patterns that I carried since childhood. Thanks to her I am living my life more consciously with greater happiness and awareness. The journey has been intense, challenging and wonderful, and Tsholofelo has always been there to support and guide me. She has so much wisdom although still so humble and listens with an open heart. I am blessed to have Tsholofelo in my life.”
Sandra Aslund Sri Lanka

Skype sessions and distant healing available