Natural Remedies

Nature is my first teacher and guide, d it is through my relationship with nature and plants that the alchemical healing of nature was introduced to me. When we learn how to respect plants, they then start to communicate with us. As human beings we consist of 4 elemental bodies, air, fire, water and earth. These elements need to be nurtured and aligned in order for us humans to thrive. Whenever these elements are out of balance it creates great discomfort and dis-ease, making life more challenging.
One of the most effective ways in supporting the elemental body or what is referred to as the first dimensional body is making use of nature itself as it is the Earth mother that has given us this body, therefore it is the earth mother that understands how to heal it and bring it back into alignment. Mother Earth has not only give us this body, she has also given us the tools to sustain it and nurture it back to health.
By making use of plants and herbal remedies one is able to help restore balance and harmony in the body as well as their environment.

Natural Remedies include:

• Detox and steam baths

• Nature's Herbal body scrubs

• Natural In-cents to clear negative energy and attract more light.

• Aural sprays to protect and raise the frequency of the energy body