It is said that anything that is abstract can be reduced to a numerological equation. Numerology is an ancient science that was often used by ancient priests, tribal chiefs and shamans in helping to define the personality and character of a human being, the reason for their behavior as well as seeing ones gifts, abilities, strengths and soul desires. Your name detects the mystery of your personality, while your date of birth detects your destiny. By assessing your name and date of birth, one can become aware of their karma and the vibration and influence these numbers bring into your life.

Benefits of Numerology

• Understanding your Karmic Lessons

• Greater insight into your personality and ego matrix

• May guide you to awakening hidden gifts

• Understanding your hidden passions and desires

• Defining your opportunities and Challenges

• Understanding the hidden meaning behind your date of birth

• Understanding how others see you

• May assist in vocational Guidance

Sessions can be done through Skype