Reiki and Energy Healing

Shamanic Reiki and Reflexology treatments are performed to help heal the mind, body and soul to help overcome fatigue, depression, toxic emotions, low self esteem and emotional blockages.
The disease is born at the level of the soul . When there is disharmony at the level of spirit, that disharmony filters down to the emotional, physical and mental body. This is why the healing needs to take place at the level of spirit, it’s root so that the healing can filter down to the emotional, mental and physical body. When the intervention is only dealt with at a physical level, the mental and emotional body still carries the trauma, and the body can always relapse to its dis-ease state.

Awakening Spirit was established to help a human being heal holistically, to understand the root cause of their daily discomfort and disease. To understand that a person’s wealth of being should not only be nurtured at the level of the body, but also at the level the soul. To address all 4 dimensions of a human being. It is then that one attains true wealth and well being.

Reiki for Babies, toddlers and children

When the little ones come into this world it is often challenging to adjust to their new world and environment. Both reiki and reflexology can help alleviate symptoms of colic, digestive upsets and other discomforts endured by young ones as their immune systems tries to adjust to a very different environment from the womb. Energy healing can help alleviate pain and discomfort, so that the little ones feel soothed and comforted during their early years.

Benefits of Reiki

‧ Relieves stress, anxiety & depression

‧ Transforms addictive patterns and fear-based illnesses

‧ Helps to relieve pain

‧ Aids spiritual growth and emotional healing

‧ Supports the body to detox

‧ Eases insomnia

‧ Increases your energy levels

‧ Improves your circulation and clears energy meridians

‧ Relaxes your mental, emotional and physical body

‧ Supports the practice of meditation

‧ Increased self-confidence

Skype sessions and distant healing available