Embodying the awareness to work through your wounds to reach your highest potential is where I give guidance and assistance on. We are all giving birth to ourselves and sometimes we need a mid wife to assist in that process. I provide and safe and sacred space for you to explore your fears, anxieties and challenges, working with Angelic beings, guides and Ancestors to support the healing and hold sacred space.

Through Intuitive and ancient techniques I am able to assess the mental, physical and emotional body to see where harmony and balance needs to be restored. When we experience trauma in our lives, our pain is our teacher, it feeds us the information that we need in order to heal ourselves.

When we are aware and informed, we are able to take an active part in our spiritual growth, healing and awakening, which helps us employ the role of a victor instead of a victim. By facing your shadow and understanding the source of your pain and disempowerment, you will take on the role of power to overcome your limitations, awaken to your souls authentic path and live a life of pure joy, contentment and beauty.

The first session involves a 60-90 minute prognosis and healing. The depth of the issue will inform the number of follow ups and intervention required.

Divine Interventions may include:
• Etheric Body Healing
• Shamanic Chakra Illumination
• Chakra Alignment
• Soul Retrieval
• Shamanic Reiki and Energy Healing
• Working with Sacred Contracts
• Ancestral and Intergenerational Healing
• Shamanic Journeys to heal trauma
• Genetic Purification and DNA Upgrades


“I have been to Tsholofelo for a reading session initially and I thought this was going to be something where you just sit and hear about the past and the future. This reading swept me off my feet as thereading was intense in a positive light, where I actually learned more about myself as an individual. The reading session was so simple and the reader (Gogo) is very wise and attuned, by the wisdom that was shared, it was the best reading session I have ever been too”
Nelash Ramoutar - Durban, South Africa

Skype sessions and distant healing available